Tungsten Solid Carbide Rods សម្រាប់ម៉ាស៊ីនបញ្ចប់ និងខួងដែលមានគុណភាពខ្ពស់មានស្ថេរភាព


  • ម៉ាក៖ គ.ជ
  • ប្រភពដើមផលិតផល៖ Nanchang ប្រទេសចិន
  • ជួរទំហំ៖ D1.0 ~ 40.0mm, L: 13 ~ 700mm
  • MOQ: 1 ភី
  • គំរូ: មាន
  • ពេលវេលាដឹកជញ្ជូន៖ 3-15 ថ្ងៃ។
  • សមត្ថភាពផ្គត់ផ្គង់៖ 1,000,000pcs/ខែ
  • ព័ត៌មានលម្អិតអំពីផលិតផល


    សេចក្តីណែនាំនៃកំណាត់ carbide

    1.The tungsten solid carbide rods ត្រូវបានចុច molded ដោយ molding ឬ extrusion ។

    2. កំណាត់ carbide រឹង tungsten ត្រូវបាន sintered ដោយ sintering សម្ពាធទាប ចង្រ្កានរួមបញ្ចូលគ្នា ដូច្នេះការសម្តែងទាំងមូលគឺខ្ពស់។

    3.The rough tungsten-cobalt carbide round bar, ឬអង្កត់ផ្ចិតខាងក្រៅនៃរបារជុំអាចត្រូវបានចម្រាញ់និងប៉ូឡូញបើយោងតាមការអត់ធ្មត់ណាមួយ។ ភាពអត់ធ្មត់ទូទៅគឺ h5,h6, -0.005 ។ល។ ហើយកំណាត់ចុងកំណាត់ carbide ក៏អាចដំណើរការបានផងដែរ។

    4.Carbide rods គឺសមរម្យសម្រាប់ដំណើរការនៃដែកថែបទូទៅ, ដែកវណ្ណះ, ដែកអ៊ីណុក, ដែកធន់ទ្រាំនឹងកំដៅ, មូលដ្ឋាននីកែលនិងយ៉ាន់ស្ព័រទីតានីញ៉ូម។ ត្រូវបានណែនាំសម្រាប់សម្ភារៈឧបករណ៍ carbide គោលបំណងទូទៅដូចជា សមយុទ្ធបង្វិល ម៉ាស៊ីនកិនចុង ក្បាលម៉ាស៊ីន និងសមយុទ្ធកាំភ្លើង។



    ប្រភេទនៃ Carbide Rods របស់យើង។

    1.Unground rods វែង

    TOL ។ នៃកំណាត់វែង Unground 
    ទំហំ (DxL, mm) ការអត់ឱន
    ឃ(មម) L(មម)
    ឃ[1-3)x310/330 0.30 ~ 0.55 0.00 ~ + 4.00
    ឃ[3-12)x310/330 0.30 ~ 0.60 0.00 ~ + 4.00
    ឃ[12-20)x310/330 0.30 ~ 0.65 0.00 ~ + 4.00
    D[20-40]x310/330 0.30 ~ 0.70 0.00 ~ + 4.00

    2. កំណាត់កាត់ពីដីទៅប្រវែង

    TOL ។ នៃកំណាត់ដែលកាត់ពីដីទៅប្រវែង 
    D/L(mm) TOL.of D&L គិតជា mm
    L<=70 70<L<=150
    D<5 D(0.20~0.30),   L(0.20~1.5) D(0.25~0.35),  L(0.20~1.5)
    5<=D<40 D(0.25~0.35),  L(0.20~1.5) D(0.30~0.40),  L(0.20~1.5)

    3.Ground long rods

    The tolerance of the long rods is h5/h6 or at customer’s requirement in Dia. ,and 0.00~+5.00mm in Length as normal.

    4.Ground cut-to-length rods

    The tolerance of the ground cut-to-length rods is h5/h6 or at customer’s requirement in Dia. ,and 0.00~+2.00mm in Length as normal.

    5.PCB Rods


    Production Process


    Industrial Solution


    Why Choose NCC carbide

    more than 50 years production and management experience,Advanced production technology, High-precision machines, Strict QC management system, Special-designed packing boxes and tubes, Various shipping methods


    1.Tungsten carbide blanks production

    Good quality carbide products rely on 100% virgin raw materials and advanced wet-milling,pressing machines and sintering furnaces. We put emphasize on every production process of our carbide blanks. To keep good quality of carbide blanks is the base of furtherly machined high precision finished carbide parts.

    2.Inspection and testing process

    In order to ensure the quality of all our tungsten carbide finished products, a very strict QC management system we called “Quality Control Center” has been introduced. With our advanced inspection equipment and our professional inspectors, we are able to do raw materials inspection, on-site inspection and after finishing inspection to ensure 100% good quality of your carbide products.


    3.Advanced CNC Equipment

    NCC owns a series of high-precision grind machines, including flat grinding machines, OD and ID machines, Centerless grinding machines and customized grinders. Also we have CNC machines, EDM, Wire-cutting machines and drilling machines etc. With our skilled workers, we can control very high precision of each carbide part.

    4.Packaging and Shipping

    Special-designed packing boxes and tubes will be used properly for the standard and customized carbide products to ensure the safety of the goods during the transportation process.A wide range of shipping ways can be available for your shipments, for example we can ship goods by Sea, by air and by Express companies like DHL/FedEx/UPS/TNT etc.


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